Veggie Plate in Process with words

The Veggie Plate is in Process...
and it looks as if the consensus of our forum is...
Leave the Words In...
and so it is.

A short video...

Having trouble viewing this?
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Thanks for the input!


Vegetable Pottery... with or without the words?

As the fly said... "Help Me"
This is the design for the newest plate entitled "Fill up on the Good Stuff"
Should the plate have the words on it, or not?
Your opinion?

Below is a plate I recently bought...
I'm going to use it as a "slump mold" to form
the clay into its plate form before decorating.

I'm getting more and more excited about SM dinnerware.

Sparkle On!

(Please let me know... With or Without the words on the plate?)

Surprise Revealed

So, I promised to show you what I'd been holding back from you.
I promised it for the day after Christmas.
I didn't get 'round to it.
So, sue me ;)
But, here
It is

Tah Dah
It's a first...
It may not be perfect,
but it's a start and I think
it's beautiful.
The genesis of SparkleMirror tableware

Thanks for visiting
and I'm
wishing everyone
a very Happy New Year!

Sparkle On


Snow and the Secret Project

We finally have it in earnest!
Oh, ugh, watch what you wish for Dave!


Mammoth Mosaic Mirror Project

 A work in Progress

Rough sketch of a large mosaic-framed wall mirror project

Scan the image into Photoshop Elements

upload pictures
and using the simple Wacom Bamboo Fun drawing tablet

I get to work on outlining, layering, and coloring elements of the frame

And I eventually stop here...
still a long way to go, but I've gotten a good start on things

Who knows just when this massive beast
will come to fruition,
but, it's on its way...

Sparkle On
You Delightful Creatures



Pilfering from the Past... Legally

     Though I find it most satisfying to create my own designs and see them come to fruition, I've learned much from emulating my graphic mentors, and bringing their creations to life through relief...
     The design for this tile was borrowed from Henri Meunier, a turn-of-the-20th-century artist, and specifically his creation "Cafe Rajah" from "Les Maitre de L'Affiches" series (now in "Public Domain") created in Paris in 1897. This design for Rajah coffee is a classic of Belgian Art Nouveau poster art.

Henri Georges Meunier, also known as Marc-Henry Meunier (1873-1922),
is one of my favorite artists for his ability to evoke such warmth with such simplicity.


***Sparkle On,
You delightful creatures!



Mosaic Aspens

Here's a set of fall aspen leaves made for
another mosaic artist's creation...

I've always loved aspen trees

Sparkle On!

SparkleMirror Store Grand Opening

Yes, and like most "Grand" Openings, there's a bit of hyperbole involved. All I know is... it's been a long time coming, with promises and hemming and hawing and on and on. Was I going to have my main store be on, or Ebay, or Etsy, or some other venue? Did I have enough tiles prepared to make a good (magnificent) first impression?

But, when all was said and done, it's really about action -- getting the ball rolling.
And, so, here it is... and I am going to build on it and move forward, and probably be selling from several venues simultaneously before all is said and done.
And so, here it is... the genesis.

As with any new endeavor, there are a few things to iron out over time.

I'd appreciate any advice you'd generously offer me on any topic.

There's one topic that I am particularly wary of...

Please help me with advice on...
Shipping Internationally
I have sold here and there on the net, but always within the US... I have been fortunate through this blog in many ways, one of which is meeting fine people from all over this big blue globe of ours. It's just that I'm very customer oriented, with great great emphasis on customer satisfaction. Attending to that locally in my home town and to customers within the US has been a great success...
I'm just afraid of the international shipping issue... seems this would be easy to screw up, with the customs thing, the tracking thing, and, oh my, the cost thing. Most shipments run between one and two pounds... any advice?

I've just begun loading product on to the shelves, so be patient with me... I'll be adding a few things a day.

and Sparkle On you delightful creatures!


Sparkling On... !

Despite the grim nature of recent events, I have been creating again. I just needed to get this posted so that my comeback is official... my first art related post since the end of September. 
I'm taking my own advice... to Sparkle On...
Will you join me once again?